Radotín supports leisure activites

The City District of Prague 16 will support leisure, sporting and cultural projects with a sum of almost 1.1 million crowns. The allocation of grants was approved by the Assembly of the City District of Prague 16 at its session on 25 March.

Radotín Town Hall will this year again support beneficial projects by providing grants, above all to people and organisations that have been working with local children and young people over the long-term in a high-quality and systematic way, to organisations that are involved in organising local cultural and social events and, for example, to one-off events that promote the city district within Prague itself and abroad. 

The aim of providing grants from the City District of Prague 16 budget is to support year-round activities and one-off leisure, sporting, cultural and social events intended for those living in the city district. In doing so Radotín Town Hall is trying to support programmes intended for children and young people to the maximum. 

“I am pleased that our many years of good economic management have allowed us to release a significant amount from the budget for the city district in support of a variety of activities for people in Radotín of all age groups,” said mayor of Radotín Karel Hanzlík, before adding that “In some cases, particularly for larger organisations in Radotín, this money is very important in allowing them to maintain the existing quality on offer or to further develop their activities.”

The grant commission considered 104 applications this year, eight more than in 2018. It considered and evaluated the individual applications and for each project recommended to Radotín councillors for discussion whether a grant should be provided and if so how much. A proposal to allocate grants totalling CZK 1,083,000 to 73 projects was first approved by the town council at the beginning of March and subsequently by the Assembly of the City District of Prague 16 at its public session on 25 March.

Announcing grant procedure for non-profit organisations has become something of a tradition at Radotín Town Hall, with grants having been awarded every year since 2005, when CZK 300 thousand was distributed.

Overview of allocated grants (PDF, 81 kB)
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